Hey Folks, 

We have all been so shocked by the terrible news about the discovery at the residential school in Kamloops.So many of us want to do something beyond posting on Facebook. It’s time we work towards some real change in Canada. 

We have started a group called Canadian Artists for Reconciliation and Education (C.A.R.E.) and are inviting you to join us as well as invite your circle of family and friends to join, too. 

So what is C.A.R.E. going to try to do?

To start with, we will be a safe space where people can come and discuss what happened in the Residential Schools and what is happening today as well as ask questions and share information. 

We want to discuss Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirits in Canada and how we can encourage the authorities to treat an investigation into this with the commitment deserved. 

We are going to start by hosting 3 panels curated and hosted by Alan Greyeyes ( featuring people with experience on the following 3 topics: 

Child and Family Services| Residential Schools | Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women, Girls and Two Spirits

Anyone who signs up to our mailing list will be invited to these panels. They will be free. These panels will be a great source of well researched information as well as updates on how the past has influenced what is happening today. We will also look at what ‘positive’ news there is and how we can make that grow. We want to energize each other. 

We will compile and post recommended lists of books and movies plus other resources (how to access official information for example) on these concerns.

We just started working on this today  ~ this is a starting place.

We want your ideas and we need to learn from you as well. 
So please join us – sign up on our mailing list – we will grow from there. 

Doug Cox and Mark Greenhalgh

Concerned Canadians


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