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Workshop One

CARE: Residential Schools Discussion Workshop One Moderator: Alan Greyeyes Guests: Ry Moran, Dr.Cynthia Wesley-Esquimaux Agenda: Introductions The TRC and NCTR The Calls to Action Q & A When: Wed Jun 23, 2021 7pm – 8:30pm Central Time – Winnipeg Where: ZOOM: Passcode will be emailed via our newsletter, sign up here.

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Very excited to add four beautiful and complex songs from our good friend the amazing and kind, Kym Gouchie. We are extremely grateful to receive this blessing. Snachailya:)


Hey Folks,  We have all been so shocked by the terrible news about the discovery at the residential school in Kamloops.So many of us want to do something beyond posting on Facebook. It’s time we work towards some real change in Canada.